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Garlic is an amazing food, a really good example of the power of foods to heal. Often considered a herb or spice, it really is a vegetable. Garlic is Good for you! Cooking reduces the nutritional value. Fresh and raw is best if you can take it.  Fermented even better.

Like all REAL foods, the benefits are broad... naturally. There is an array of vitamins and minerals, and this is a food higher in antioxidants than most.

Fresh garlic in your food, is the first choice. Cooking damages, so raw is best if you can handle it, some of us love it, some don't!  But if you don't fancy this every day, then an additive free whole herb Garlic supplement is next on the list. The cheap additive packed, highly processed ones where the taste and smell has been removed would be absolutely bottom of the list.  These are exposed to heat and chemicals and the precious Allicin damaged.

If your immune system is compromised, then this is one of the foods you should reach for quickly. So from a simple cold to something more serious, pack it in. Again fresh first, or a garlic supplement.  It is so powerful, it has been documented effective against antibiotic resistance bacteria. Isn't nature amazing! And for an immune system that is weak due to any serious underlying health issue, then again it can play a useful and effective role.

And for the heart and circulation, again the benefits are well documented in science. Garlic has a role for all circulatory issues including clotting, reducing plaque and blood pressure.

Our additive free whole herb garlic is gently and slowly dried to preserve the nutrients.  This is better for you than “Odour Controlled” Garlic and processed supplements treated with intensive heat and chemical additives. Little point in it having no smell if you don't get the real benefits.

And because we manufacture to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards here in the UK, we guarantee perfect quality every single time.

Garlic is packed with antioxidants and many vitamins and minerals.  One of the unique nutrients is the active ingredient Allicin. There is excellent science supporting the use of this fantastic food.  It's great for the circulation, digestion and immune system. And also helps to reduce inflammation.


350mg Whole Herb Garlic (Allium Sativum) per vegecap.

Made in the UK to GMP standards.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Capsule - vegetable cellulose.

Free from soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast & GMO


1 - 2 vegecaps a day with food.

Use with caution if using anticoagulants, if pregnant or if preparing for surgery.